Something New about Ugly Movies of Year

The flick revolves around three guys who are gunslingers, competing to find fortune in a buried cache of Confederate gold amid the violent chaos of the American Civil War. They participate in numerous wars and battles in their way to find the fortune.

The movie starts like this, in a Western ghost down during the time of American Civil War, a Mexican bandit Tuco Ramirez who portrayed the Ugly escapes three bounty hunters by killing two among them and by hurting the third person. Miles away from the place, “Angle Eyes” who portrayed the Bad interrogates former confederate soldier named Stevens about Jackson, a escapee who named himself as

“Bill Carson” who knows the secret about the cache of Confederate of allied gold. Stevens knowing that the Angle Eyes was sent to kill him by Baker, another allied soldier offers Angel Eyes $1,000 to kill Baker. Angel eyes ends up killing both Stevens and his eldest son. He collects his offering from Baker and kills him too to earn the money Stevens gave him.

Ugly Movies

Ugly Movies of Year

Tuco, The Ugly is rescued from three more bounty hunters by “Blondie”, which was portrayed by “The Good”; however, Blondie hand over him to the local sheriff for the $2, 000 reward. Tuco who is about to be hanged will be rescued by Blondie by shooting the hanging rope and Tuco will ride off from the site.

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The two escape and split the reward money. They two begin partnership and plots for schemes to make money. When Blondie knows about the true feelings of Tuco, abandons him without a single pie in the desert. Tuco survives and finds Blondie to a hotel in a town being abandoned by allied troops. Tuco forces Blondie to hand himself up, but when Union shells destroy the hotel and Blondie escapes.

Tuco eventually captures Blondie and takes him to the desert where Blondie passes out because of dehydration. Tuco then finds Bill Carson in the dessert who asks for water in exchange of $200,000. Before Tuco returns Carson will be dead and Blondie tells Tuco that he knows the name of the grave where the gold is buried.

Tuco and Blondie both return to old Spanish after Blondie recovered from the wounds leaves to their Confederate uniforms, but will be captured by union soldiers. Tuco and Blondie will get to meet Tuco in the camp where Angel Eyes will find that Tuco is aware of the gold and tortures him with the help of a henchman.

Tuco reveals the name, but tells that Blondie knows the name of grave. Knowing that Blondie is not a person who will reveal the truth easily Angel eyes offers an equal share of gold to Blondie. Blondie agrees to the deal and both Blondie and Angel eye starts to the gold buried place. Tuco also will escape by killing Wallace.

Both Blondie and Tuco again patch up and Angle eye escapes. They go through a lot of battles in the middle. Tuco and Blondie reveal the truths about the gold to each other that the cemetery name is Sad Hill and the name on the grave is “Arch Stanton”. Tuco on a horse reaches the grave and starts digging.

Blondie reaches the site and gunpoints Tuco continue digging and Angle eyes shows up there suddenly gunpointing Blondie. They find a skeleton there. Blondie kills Angle Eyes and directs Tuco to the grave beside Arch Stantons’, which is named “Unknown”. Tuco finds bags full of gold, but was hung up by Blondie who rides away with his bag of gold. Tuco shouts Blondie name and he returns and shoots the rope making Tuco fall on his share of gold. Blondie smiles and rides away on his horse leaving Tuco cursing.


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