Flappy Bird Unblocked Game Guide With Very Easy Steps 2017

Flappy bird is an evergreen favorite game for all school goings.   It is a super fun game that holds lots of sweet memories of childhood.  The game has many levels that are quite challenging to play.  Though the game appears to be a bit childish, it really is not.

It has its toughest corners that test our talent.  Flappy Bird, due to its popularity was blocked in many schools and offices thinking that it could distract the students/employees.  If that is what happened in your school as well and if you are longing to play it then don’t you worry, we have a solution.

flipy bird

Flappy Bird Unblocked Game

We will tell you simple way to unblock the blocked Flappy bird game.  It is developed by Vietnamese artist and programmer Dong Nguyen under dotGEARS Company.  The game is about a bird that is controlled by the player which is trying to fly between rows of green pipes without hitting them.

The game slowly boosted up the ratings and became popular after a year of its launch.  It is an addictive game though it has its own difficult levels.  The game has been removed from the Google Play and the App Store and the unofficial version was made available on few platforms.

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Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird though is not officially available in Google Play Store or Apple store for download; it is available in many other websites for free, but our point is that it is blocked in most of the schools.  If your school administration also blocked Flappy Bird game on the PCs then you can get to know how to unblock it and play it unlimitedly from this article. Before that, know the game play of Flappy Bird first.

The Flappy Bird game features a 2D retro style graphics.  The game is about making a bird named Faby to fly between the pipes without hitting them.

Faby will always move towards the right and the player needs to make user to tap the screen always so that it keeps traveling in the right direction.

If the player fails to tap the screen, Faby will hit the ground right away due to gravity.  The player will be awarded with various medals like bronze medal, silver medal, gold medal and a platinum medal.

How to play flappy bird unblocked game

There are many ways to unblock the flappy bird game and the most popular way is to access the gaming website using proxy service.  User can also make use of online proxy services to access the game’s site.

Other than this method, user can also use Virtual private network to access the games website and to play the flappy bird game continuously without any interruption.

You can play flappy bird game by following either of the aforementioned on your computer or smartphone that runs on android or iOS platforms.  So, this is how you unblock this super popular flying game of Flappy bird.  Enjoy playing Flappy bird game!